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From first becoming ill, he was taken from us in just 11 weeks, something which we will never get over. 


To date nearly £30,000 has been raised by variety of people in memory of Dan.  This money has been donated to the Intensive Care and Oncology Units at BCH.  The KIDS Ambulances (which transported Dan twice) and to Ronald MacDonald House, where we stayed free of charge whilst in Birmingham.  In addition money has been given to University of Birmingham who are researching ALCL and the children's ward at Russells Hall Hospital.

We are extremely grateful for all those who have already given in his name and pleased that we have been able to help such good causes.

Dan was an inspiration and life since his passing has been very difficult for everyone who knew him. We hope to continue raising more money for charity in his memory. 

If you wish to get involved with one of our events, or just donate to very worthy causes please follow our journey and the links below.

We wish to eventually form a charity in Dan's name and will post details when they are available.

Best Wishes.

Dan was our cheeky, funny, witty, clever, caring, loving, annoying, argumentative, mischievous boy, no different from any 12 year old, he was loved by all his family and friends.

He was a private person and would probably be embarrassed that his name is "out there" but we cannot let him be forgotten and we are raising money for such good causes.


Dan was fit and healthy until he became ill at the end of January 2017.  In summary, he appeared to have a chest infection and was treated accordingly.  However, Dan did not respond to treatment.  He was admitted to Russells Hall Hospital on 12th February where he continued to deteriorate.  He was transferred to Stoke to be put an an oscillator, but again he did not respond as expected and was transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital (BCH).  

There he was put on lung bypass and then heart and lung bypass.  During this time, it was discovered that Dan had Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) and along with his other treatments he started chemotherapy.  Dan had rare complications, where the lymphoma attacked his lungs and took away his ability to breath.  We sadly lost Dan on Easter Sunday, 16th April 2017, despite a brave battle by him.  We couldn't be prouder of how he coped with all the treatment he went through.


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